You Have Nothing to Lose

We charge only for what we do and pass our industry discounts onto you, the client   

While we hope you have the luxury to check out the jobs site any time, if you're only free at 11 p.m. Monday and Friday nights, we'll make that work 

Best house builder and design couple ever!"

-Cora Brown, 221 Holland

We will mind your budget as if it was coming out of our bank account.  Realistic budgets and economical solutions to unforeseeable costs

Residential Building is about to hit an all time high here on Vancouver Island. Choose a firm that rose out of the last recession and stood on our experience to make it through

Don't get to the end of a project and be forced to skimp in the details because your builder had hidden fees and charges

Soooo Custom

Because we work with some of the areas best up and coming designers, we build works of art from the ground up

Why Use Us

Every Deal is a BIG Deal

Kelly Reagh

Licensed Residential Builder

Journeyman Cabinetmaker (2005) 

12+Years Framing & Foundations 


We are horse-ranch-work-ethic with Islander connections.  Been in the business over 20 years

Each of our clients experiences top notch customer service.  All the way down to the champagne on the counter to welcome you home

Our Mission is Simple:
Match You with Your Dream Home


We work together with the our clients to guide them through the building process with complete budget transparency.  A design assistant will work on your portfolio to give you a clear and precise design forecast laid out in an easy to understand format

A Closet That Says You've Made It

You Benefit From Our Experience

No One Is Fairer Than Us

Kustom Design and Build

Our Mission


It's Competitive Out There

We Work Around Your Schedule

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